Gin Tonic TKJ

This Friesian Ster gelding born in 2014 is fantastic horse.

He has the right mentality to reach the top of the sport.
He is currently at Z dressage trainings level. Gin-Tonic was in front of the carriage for the past two years and has won a lot of competitions.
We have recently started riding with him again and he is taking it very well.

He is very easy to ride and enjoys his work very much.
In addition, he also has the absolute Friesian looks! Lots of hair and appearance.
Gin-Tonic is very suitable as a sport horse and therefore for a rider with ambitions, but also, given its character, very suitable as a family horse.
Because he is a professional in front of carriage, is easy and sweet to handle and also enjoys being ridden in dressage.


Team Kop Jansen